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Pioneer in the provision of nuclear medicine services in Brasília, Grupo Núcleos was the first to receive the ISO 9001 certification in the region - wordly known as a quality standard. For the Group, the Quality Management translates its commitment to the accurate diagnosis and, more than that, to life itself.

With a highly qualified medical staff and a technology park at the height of the reference centers in the country, Núcleos built a growing trend, and today consists of clinics strategically located and also has a partnership with the Hospital Santa Lucia in the operation of the first service-PET Scan in Brasília hospitals. It's also present in Rondônia, in the north of the country.

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Check below to find the nearest service:

Centro Médico Unit

W3 Sul Qd. 716 Bloco D Sala 05
Centro Médico de Brasília - Brasília-DF
(61) 3245 1054

Hospital Santa Lúcia Unit

SHLS Quadra 716 Conjunto C Térreo Sala 12 a 14
Hospital Santa Lúcia - Brasília-DF
(61) 3245 4106

Hospital Brasília Unit

SHIS QI 15 Ed. Vitória Medical Sala S 15 B
Hospital Brasília - Brasília-DF
(61) 3364 4252

Taguatinga Unit

CNC 02 LOTE 11 LOJAS 01 e 02
Taguatinga Norte (near to Hospital Anchieta)
(61) 3353 2125 e 3353 2175


SHLS Quadra 716 Conjunto C Térreo Sala 10 a 11
Hospital Santa Lúcia Brasília-DF
(61) 3445 0594 e 3346 2513

Hospital Santa Helena Unit

Setor Hospitalar Local Norte Conj. D Parte A
Hospital Santa Helena - Brasília-DF
(61) 3347 7435

Rondônia Unit

Rua Rafael Vaz e Silva Número 1852
Bairro São Cristovão - Porto Velho-RO
(69) 2182 0100

Em Destaque


Diretor do Núcleos integra nova gestão da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Nuclear. Saiba mais


SEDE | Centro Médico de Brasília W3 Sul Qd. 716 Bloco D Sala 05
(61) 3245 1054 | sac@nucleosonline.com.br

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